Blackberry – Good for people prone to Anemia.

[pmpro_account]The underrated jamun, or Indian blackberry, is a nutritional powerhouse. Also known as java or black plum, Indian black berry or jamun, is not just tasty and refreshing, but also nutritious and provides many health benefits.

Jamun or black berry is low in calories and a rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and B complex vitamins- thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, niacin, vitamin B6.

High iron content makes it a must-eat food for those prone to anemia; it boosts immunity and also has anti-ageing properties owing to the presence of antioxidants. The presence of calcium, iron, potassium and vitamin C means it is good for bone health and serves as an osteoporosis-preventive food. It aids in digestion, relieving stomach pain and reducing flatulence. It’s a diuretic too, so it’s a perfect antidote to water retention.Black berry boast immunity and has anti-ageing properties due to the presence of anti-oxidant anthocyanin and phenolic compound. Itcontains powerful antioxidants that help prevent plaque formation.

The soft fruit is popular for use in desserts, jams, seedless jelly, and sometimes wine. Blackberries are also used to produce candy.One can enjoy having fresh fruit or even enjoy it in the form of juices, ice-cream flavors.

Blackberry is safe in amounts used as food. There isn’t enough information available to know if blackberry is safe in the larger amounts used as medicine.

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– By Ms. Pariksha Rao

M Sc in Advanced Human Nutrition and Public Health Nutrition (Delhi University).

Diploma in Clinical Research and Clinical Behaviour Science

Senior Clinical Nutritionist & Wellness Coach

Mindfulness Expert – Diabetes (UK)

International Diabetes Federation certified Diabetes Educator.

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