Chamomile tea – has immune boosting elements

It Is an ancient herb and has been in use since ages for its healing and soothing properties, from alleviating stress to relieving an upset stomach. Chamomile is an herb like daisy which is used in different forms to avail its benefits.

Chamomile tea off late has become extremely popular, as we lead a fast paced and stressed life due to work pressures, erratic sleep patterns, Stress and various lifestyle disorders. Chamomile is soothing, relaxing, and has a sleep-inducing effect! Studies have shown that chamomile has immune boosting elements that help in keeping infections like common cold at bay. Chamomile tea is taken to get rid of nauseous feeling, gassiness or to speed up the digestive tract. It helps to relieve discomfort, diarrhea and is also a known remedy to cure ‘colic’ in infants. Regular intake of chamomile raises amino acid glycine levels within the body which in turn reduces muscle spasms and helps in relieving the uterine cramps. However, Pregnant women and those who are aiming to get pregnant should avoid this tea as it can increase uterine contractions.

Apart from various health benefits, Chamomile tea has certain other benefits such as soothing insect bites to diaper rashes or even sunburn. Cold Chamomile tea can be used as a gargle or mouth wash to relieve tooth ache, painful gums etc.

People are known to be allergic to it, so be cautious about its intake. It contains coumarine, so those on blood thinners or bleeding disorders should avoid taking it as it may increase bleeding tendency.

If not allergic try a cup of steaming chamomile tea 30 minutes prior to hitting the bed!

From the Panel of Well at Heart e-Health Magazine App

– By Ms. Pariksha Rao

M Sc in Advanced Human Nutrition and Public Health Nutrition (Delhi University).

Diploma in Clinical Research and Clinical Behaviour Science

Senior Clinical Nutritionist & Wellness Coach

Mindfulness Expert – Diabetes (UK)

International Diabetes Federation certified Diabetes Educator.

She is the founder of Indian Diabetes Educators group. Presently she is a member of American Heart Association (AHA), American Diabetes Association (ADA), Coeliac Society of India, Indian Dietetic Association and National Institute of Nutrition.


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